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That’s right I said it Sex! Now that we have taken care of that I’m going to show you an exercise called the Deadlift that is one of my all time favorite exercises in the history of exercises. The Deadlift is one of the best exercises know to man because it is a full body blaster. Here are a couple of common goals that people have that the Dead Lift can help you reach:

  • Want to have a strong grip? Then Deadlift
  • Want to build solid muscle? Then Deadlift
  • Want to burn fat and lose weight? Then Deadlift
  • Want to build a strong core and get a six pack? Then Deadlift
  • Want to be better at sex? Then Deadlift

What makes the deadlift such an effective exercise is that it is a full body work out with each lift. It works the entire lower half of your body including your toes if you deadlift bare foot. It works your hands and grip because you have to hold on to the weight. It works the core (abs and lower back) because they stabilize the body as you try and lift the weight off the ground. This helps melt fat because of all the large and small muscles that are being utilized during the exercise. It is an amazingly functional exercise that will improve your functional fitness because if deadlift is how we naturally pick up heavy objects (like say your best friends couch or grocery bags) and move them.

Deadlift and Sex

Now let’s talk about sex. You know we spread love on this site and the romantic concept of love often evolves sex. Sex is a great thing but is often misunderstood because people don’t know that in order to be good at it training and constant practice is necessary. Since it is Spring time in New York City I decided to get a jump on things and help both guys and girls out by giving you an exercise that will help you get your sex and awesome back; as well as help you improve your sex life. The ability to thrust in sex or have a good “stroke” for guys or ride well for girls is determined by the power, flexibility and endurance of your Hips. The best exercise to develop hip power, endurance, and flexibility are Deadlifts.



How to Deadlift

You can get seriously injured if you do know how to deadlift correctly. When I tell people about deadlifting the common response is, “I would but I’m scared I’m going to get hurt.” My advice to you is practice the form for at least a month with light weight before you start lifting for real. This is how I learned and how I teach all of my clients. This is a video that will teach you how to do it properly.


Deadlift Routine

Here is a fantastic Deadlift routine to help get you super strong, burn fat and get a titan like core.

Monday– Deadlift for Power
Power take 3-5minutes between sets
5 Sets x 5 reps of Whatever weight you will struggle to lift by rep 5

Wednesday– Deadlfit for Endurance
5 Sets x 15 reps of 135 or whatever weight you can manage to get to 15 with slight fatigue

Friday– Deadlift for Power
Power take 3-5minutes between sets
5 Sets x 5 reps of Whatever weight you will struggle to lift by rep 5

The next week you do Monday and Friday as Endurance. Rotate and do this for 4 weeks. By the end of this program you will be able to thrust forever.

girl Deadlift

If all else fails and you are not interested in sex, deadlifting will make you super strong so that should be more than enough motivation to get you started. For the rest of you who are interested in sex go have yourself a very great Spring/Summer and spread some love!