Currently Rebuilding!

SpreadLove.org was created to help people spread love and inspiration online. Our mission is to change the world for the better one email at a time. We believe that we are all connected and together we create something bigger than ourselves. Social media and the internet are expressions of this truth. We have created a tool to encourage people to send anonymous emails to inspire, or express appreciation for, someone they know. We then ask you to share online, via Twitter or Facebook, that you have Spread Love, in order to encourage your friends to do the same. We also ask the recipients of the anonymous messages to pay the kindness forward and send an inspiring message to someone they know. This way the act of spreading love is continual and travels through the human network via the internet.

“If you get knocked down seven times, get up eight times.” Zen Proverb

The first iteration of our website was hacked within a month of it being up. This has encouraged us to spread love even more because it’s clear there are some who need more of it than others. We are currently rebuilding.

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