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Terms and Conditions


Your ad blocker is use less here. We will never run intrusive advertising on this site. Consider this a safe zone where brands and advertisers can’t purchase space and bombard you with their ads. We do promote products, brands and partner with organizations that we believe in. We do make money using affiliate links to products, books and anything else that we think you would love.


We do use tracking cookies on the site to try and create the best experience for you. The more we know about you the better more we can tailor the experience.

Email Content

You agree that all the messages you send contains no illegal, abusing, harassing, racist, phishing, malware or offensive language or messages. has the right to screen your emails and block & post your IP address as well as turn over harassing or slanderous emails to the authorities.

Emails sent via the Spread Love widgets become the intellectual property of Your privacy and anonymity will always be maintained however we reserve the right to use the material in books, ebooks, on t-shirts and other merchandise to help fund and promote our push to make the world a better place. A portion of the proceeds from merchandise goes to a different charity each month so your emails and the money you spend on will always go to a sustainable cause. This is how we keep the website advertisement free and help you make a difference in the world at the same time. Thanks for taking the time to read this and for choosing to support our cause. We hope this inspires you to buy from our site, work hard to improve your fitness and to craft strong meaningful emails to people in your life.


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