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Andy Warhol – Prince of Pop Art


Andy Warhol Paintings are sources of inspiration for many different products in a varieties of industries. Andy Warholwas a successful commercial illustrator turned painter and pop art icon. His paintings are visually stunning and so full of life that they seem to “pop” of of the canvas. Andy Warhol has also inspired many, many artist with his paintings like the infamous Mr.Brainwash who in my opinion copied (stole) Warhol’s whole swag. Pablo Picasso said, “Good artists copy great artists steal.” if this is true (which may not be the case) then Mr.Brainwash is the greatest artist that ever lived. I would “copy” your style too if your paintings fetched $100 million as the Andy Warhol painting called Eight Elvises did. I like Andy Warhol and his paintings because I feel like he just had fun and experimented his way to the bank. I’ve learned a lot with just experimenting and in the end all the mistakes you make help you develop your style and help you cultivate your skills.

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Andy Warhol Paintings

Many people get angry at Andy Warhol’s success and his lifestyle. I spread love and only look at the good things I can learn from what made him successful as an artist. When you look at the Andy Warhol Paintings below keep that in mind and remember even if you don’t like them, he has just inspired you to  want to never make art like his. Regardless, looking at great works of art and practicing the technique will help you develop your painting skills and see the world from a different perspective which is always a great thing. If you like this post remember to visit the main page and spread some love via anonymous email.



1. Mao Tse Tung, 1972


2. Marilyn 1962

3. Michael Jackson


4. Flower


5. Mick Jagger 1975-77


6. Goethe 1982


7. Mickey Mouse 1981

8. Campbell’s Soup


9. Bottles of Coke


10. The Last Supper 1986


11. Shoes

12.  Self Portrait – 1986

13. Triple Elvis 1963

14. Brillo Boxes 1969

15. Flip Flops

16. Superman

17. Cameraphone

18. Shoes 1980

19. Hot Dog 1957-58

20. Skull