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Green Juice Recipe

Green Juice Recipes have become all the rage because everything from bottled water to dog breeds have been made fashionable by celebrities and other tastemakers. Some may disagree, but over the years I’ve noticed that drinking a fresh green juice from a green juice bar is one of those things that fall under a category I dub as “wellness-chic”. Organic produce can be pricey making something as simple as an all greens juice a luxury item. While juicing may be perceived as an upscale health fad there are many benefits to juicing. Juicing is a great way to aid in detoxifying your body. Drinking fresh juices are also a great way to consume a potent blend of nutrients in a manor in which your body can quickly absorb. I began my journey into juicing about 8 years ago. At that time I was a vegan neophyte who sought sustenance in soy-based mock meats, white flour products and processed foods that duped me with the “All Natural” labeling.


In my recipe for the “All Green Everything” Juice I incorporate kale and dandelion, two dark leafy greens rich in vitamins and minerals. I also incorporate ginger, which can help with digestion and bloating. Every ingredient in this green juice recipe has a pH of 7 above making it an alkalizing drink. I strongly encourage that 90% of your daily food intake be alkaline and the remaining 10% be slightly acidic.

If you are unfamiliar with alkaline/acid foods do Google search on the topic for more information on food pH levels. I recommend readers use a centrifugal juicer for this recipe. I also encourage readers to experiment with this recipe and use other dark leafy greens as some may find greens like dandelion too bitter. I share these recipes with hopes to inspire people to develop their own methods of attaining a sense of wellness and balance.


Spread LOVE and be healthy!

 -Negus Korby


Green Juice Recipe – All Green Everything Juice (makes 2-3 Servings)



3-5 leaves of Kale

3-5 leaves of Dandelion Greens

½ lemon pealed

½ – 1 inch of ginger

½ Zucchini

½ Cucumber

1 handful parlsey

1 handful cilantro

1 apple (optional)

1 stalk of celery (optional)



Begin with ginger and leafy greens. Gradually feed greens into juicer until they are done. Afterwards begin juicing cucumber and other watery fruits/vegetables.