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At we believe in making life easier for other people and inspiring our readers to do the same. We believe that technology and social media should be leveraged to make the world a better place. We created the Social Sustainability Widget that allows people to send emails of hope and inspiration to someone they know who needs it. We have donated to help rebuild a home that got destroyed by Hurricane Sandy and now we have donated to give children in Guyana a chance to play.  Playing is an important part of developing and teaches you very important social skills.

Building Playgrounds with The Gail Foundation

The GAIL (Giving Abundantly in Life) Foundation made this all possible. We helped them build a playground & furnishing therapy room at the New Amsterdam Special Needs School in Berbice, Guyana. The New Amsterdam Special Needs School was initially built by Peace Corp volunteers. The school is free to children who have disabilities that make them unable to attend public school. The Special Needs School is attended by 75 children with various special needs such as autism, ADHD, down syndrome, hearing impaired, and other disabilities. The old playground was not functional and had not been used for three years. Additionally, they do not have a therapy room or visual educational tools to effectively teach children with autism and hearing loss. We will continue to help the Gail Foundation build playgrounds and enrich the lives of children in Guyana. You should join us. Learn how you can donate for 2014.

Playground Opening Ceremony Video