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My coworkers family is going through a rough situation and has asked me to help raise awareness and funds to rebuild her fathers house. Her parents house and town (South Lindenhurst) got devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Most people who got hit especially from New York City can laugh now and tell stories of how tough it was to not have electricity for a few days. However, there are people who are still suffering and still don’t have their homes back. My friends fathers home was so devastated in fact that they are forced to move from hotel to hotel as they try and raise money to repair their home. The town got hit so hard that a foundation called Adopt A House was created to help people get their homes back. Her father is 89 years old, has medical conditions and needs help. So is taking action and sending some love via a donation so that we can help a father and his family get their home back.Click here to read more about the story and to donate and help us adopt house 48. We are donating $100 to the cause and hope you can give something to help out as well.

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Personal Items outside of the home.


Empty house  is barley standing with slanted floors because of the storm.


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