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How Cannabis and CBD is used for health

Cannabis and CBD have long been used for health reasons. The health benefits are astounding. What is CBD? Cannabidiol( CBD ) is the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant. Basically it does not get you high. THC is the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant that does get you high. Different cannabis strains have different [...]

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Hachiko, 3 Lessons from the Worlds most Loyal Dog

Hachiko, The Story of a Loyal Dog Hachiko is the worlds most loyal dog. I know you can tell that I like dogs because Tret the Parkour dog is amazing but to be honest he has nothing on Hachiko. Hachiko was a Japanese dog of the Akita breed and was noble in both appearance and [...]

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Help Fill the Internet with love

UPDATE: 2.5.17 Fill the Internet with Love Campaign Posts: These are the posts we have started to publish to combat the hate that is on the internet. Please share and link to this page and those posts so we can Fill the Internet with Love and out rank the hate groups on Google. Black and [...]

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How to Be a Champion, Full Contact SEO

To be a champion you have to create a plan and stick to it and pivot quickly when necessary. However, the road to becoming a champion in anything is filled with hardships, loss and amazing moments of extreme bliss. I have developed a process that has helped me become successful in SEO, business, blogging, and [...]

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Choose Love, Why I Founded Spreadlove.org

Choose Love, Over Hate Choose Love it changes everything. My name is Mr.Chichester (Lavall Chichester)  I am the Global SVP of Search and Content Marketing at MullenLowe Group. I am an entrepreneur, love to dance, am a 2nd degree black belt (in Hapkido), a bare knuckle Karate fighter, a certified personal trainer (N.A.S.M) and all around spreader of [...]

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Shawn Anchor, On Happiness

Shawn Anchor a Harvard graduate, Positive Psychologist and CEO at Good Think inc says that that Happiness and Success are really based on perception. In this very funny and insightful TED Talk video Shawn Anchor points out that the old method of viewing success will never make you happy because we are taught to perceive [...]

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10 Motivational Fitness Quotes

10 Motivational Fitness Quotes Motivational Fitness Quotes are all over the internet, so I found the best 10 that resonated with me and stirred me to action. Don’t just read these quotes and then move on. Make sure you write the ones that inspire you on your bathroom mirror so that it is a constant [...]

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We Helped Build a Playground for a School in Guyana

At Spreadlove.org we believe in making life easier for other people and inspiring our readers to do the same. We believe that technology and social media should be leveraged to make the world a better place. We created the Social Sustainability Widget that allows people to send emails of hope and inspiration to someone they [...]

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LinkedIn SEO, How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Rank for Your Job Title

LinkedIn SEO is extremely important and knowing how to rank for your job title is a skill that can help you get a job quickly. I did a guest lecture on SEO for a graduate class at NYU a few months ago and I asked them to name a few search engines. The natural response [...]

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Help Us Adopt A House

My coworkers family is going through a rough situation and has asked me to help raise awareness and funds to rebuild her fathers house. Her parents house and town (South Lindenhurst) got devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Most people who got hit especially from New York City can laugh now and tell stories of how tough [...]

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