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Shawn Anchor a Harvard graduate, Positive Psychologist and CEO at Good Think inc says that that Happiness and Success are really based on perception.

In this very funny and insightful TED Talk video Shawn Anchor points out that the old method of viewing success will never make you happy because we are taught to perceive happiness through a negative lens. For example as soon as we get a good job we start wanting a better job. As soon as we accomplish one goal most people immediately start looking to accomplish another with out taking time to enjoy the moment and inhale the happiness that comes with their current success. He also points out that being happy gives you an advantage in work and in life. Happiness helps you keep your job, be more productive, sell more products, have less burn out and more.

The Happiness Advantage

Happiness and Perception

Shawn Anchor also points out that most people scan their lives looking for the things to complain about. They sort of scan the world with the my cup is half empty mentality which forces them into a bad mood and for the most part we know that usually more bad comes when you are in a bad mood. The best part about this video is that Shawn has a program that he has used to help people live happier lives.  I can personally attest to this system because I have been doing the various activities on the lest for the past few months and have never been happier.



I am always thankful for the little that I have and it makes a world of difference. For example I say thank you every single time I drink a glass of water because I realize that many people on this planet can not get fresh water to drink when they are thirsty.


I try and write at least 3 post a week on fitness, love, personal development or things that inspire me on this site. This has helped me develop my character and stick to the principles of doing good, promoting hope and becoming the best me I can be.


Exercise is one of the ways you can love your body. A sound body equals a sound mind and as a personal trainer I work out constantly. I also feel that part of spreading love is sharing with you all the right way to accomplish your fitness goals. Exercise is the key.


This I can definitely work on more because sitting still is one of the hardest things you can do. I do moving meditations when I go to the karate school. That is what Kata is all about.

Random Acts of Kindness:

This is one of the most important parts of being happy and is built into the core of Sending anonymous emails of hope via our social sustainability widget is a random act of kindness and has changed my life. Watching people spread love everyday is awesome.