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Monet, 42 Amazing Paintings

Monet, born Oscar Claude Monet is the daddy of the French Impressionist movement. I call him the daddy of the movement because when other impressionist painters gaze upon his work, a feeling of inadequacy coasts their hearts as a voice in their head asks “Whose your daddy?” in a Barry White tone. Monet lived a [...]

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Loves Effect on Human Development [INFOGRAPHIC]

We teamed up with Visual.ly to create an infographic that shows the effect that love has on the human development. It started with tons of research to find if love did have an effect on how we develop. Boy was I surprised at what I found. I found that babies die if they are not [...]

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6 Tips to Keep the Weight Off

A study of people who were successful dieters showed that these people avoid empty calories, stick to a diet program and more. Here are 6  things they did to help keep the weight off with some tips to help you do the same. 1. 92% Exercise at Home Home workout programs are fantastic because they [...]

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Why Having A Personal Trainer is Important

I am a personal trainer certified through N.A.S.M and I have also paid other personal trainers to help me improve my fitness. So even personal trainers have personal trainers because we understand the value of working with someone who is an expert in something.  That being said I wanted to encourage you to think about [...]

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Attraction, A Dance Silhouette Performance

I love to dance because there is something about allowing my body to synchronize with music that is inherently natural. It’s like what happens with a leaf that falls in a stream, the water like music flows taking the leaf like my body this way and that way through a different journey each time.This delightful [...]

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Twitter Love Series, Week Five

The Twitter Love Series is our Weekly series where we give back to those who thank us for spreading love there way. We send hope and inspiration daily to people who use the hashtags #spreadlove and #help. In this way we spread love to those who are spreading it, encouraging them to continue making a [...]

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Shaq Shoe Size, How Big Is Shaq’s Sneaker Really?

Shaq’s Shoe Size is 23 Shaq’s Shoe Size is 23 I know useless information but since tomorrow is Friday Dec 21st, 2012 (Note: I wrote this post on my other blog but since it will make you smile I decided to repost it here) and the world is suppose to end, I decided to revive [...]

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Dove Beauty Sketches

Dove Beauty Sketches is a fantastic look at how advertising when connected to a very emotional place can uncover truths about how we see the world and our selves. The old saying. “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder.” comes from the idea that Perception is what determines beauty.     Harvard lecturer, Shawn [...]

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Lotus Position, Padmasana

Lotus Position,  A.K.A Padmasana Lotus position in Yoga is elusively, difficult to learn. It is the Asana of the photo and is also called Padmasana. I have decided to explain this one today. The Lotus position is for advanced students so I will give you some other postures you can use to help get you [...]

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Pablo Picasso Quotes, 20 Inspiring Messages

Pablo Picasso quotes have helped me push forward in times where I am at an inspirational low. We have all been there, you lack creative motivation, you hit writers block, and you just can’t seem to get that flow going. In times like these Pablo Picasso’s words of wisdom have help me regenerate. I use [...]

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