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I love to dance because there is something about allowing my body to synchronize with music that is inherently natural. It’s like what happens with a leaf that falls in a stream, the water like music flows taking the leaf like my body this way and that way through a different journey each time.This delightful video is from a Hungarian dance troop called Attraction that performed on Britain’s Got Talent. The piece tells the sweet and sour tale of love that is as old as time.


Attraction Dance Troupe


The best part is that the dance troop uses their bodies as silhouettes to tell the story.

Attraction and Symbolism

The other interesting thing about this performance is the use of powerful symbols to tell the story. Symbols convey powerful messages to our emotional centers without having to use words. I work in advertising and am fascinated with how symbols are used to convey meaning. The performers tap in to the core of this during the show. You will have to watch the video a few times to really appreciate this.

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