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I am a personal trainer certified through N.A.S.M and I have also paid other personal trainers to help me improve my fitness. So even personal trainers have personal trainers because we understand the value of working with someone who is an expert in something.  That being said I wanted to encourage you to think about having a personal trainer or a fitness program as investing in your fitness and learning how to maximize your exercise time. Having a personal trainer is very important to anyone who goes to a gym and is serious about their fitness. If you work out at home using P90X, Insane Work Out or even Tae Bo you are using a personal trainer. A personal trainer teaches you how to exercise correctly so you maximize your workout time and accomplish your fitness goals.

A Personal Trainers Job

A personal trainer is suppose to empower you so that you do not need them any more. What I mean is that they should teach you how to exercise. They should teach you the correct form for executing various exercises and develop in you the will power to want to make fitness a life style change. This might seem strange because if they empower you and you learn the correct form for the exercises you will leave them and work out on your own. In my opinion if that happens I have done my job as a personal trainer and you will never forget me and you will refer all your friends.

How To Pick A Personal Trainer

Not all personal trainers are created equal and I believe in practicing what you preach. If your personal trainer is not crazy about fitness then go with the one who is. Make sure they know what they are talking about. Do research regarding basic movements like the Squat, Push Up and Pull Up and then quiz them and have them demonstrate their knowledge.

Post Personal Trainer

Once you have worked with a personal trainer for some time hopefully you will have developed a good friendship. If they are good and trust worthy refer your friends. If you feel like you have learned enough from them, train on your own. Make sure you go back to the personal trainer from time to time to learn new exercises, recharge your batteries and challenge yourself. Once fitness becomes a life style change you will always strive to challenge yourself and personal trainers are the best at creating challenging exercise routines.