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A study of people who were successful dieters showed that these people avoid empty calories, stick to a diet program and more. Here are 6  things they did to help keep the weight off with some tips to help you do the same.

1. 92% Exercise at Home
Home workout programs are fantastic because they strip you of most of the common reasons people don’t exercise. For example:
To Expensive: At $97 dollars a pop for most home fitness programs you are saving a ton of cash. This is way cheaper than your gym membership and much more convenient.  If you skipped one night of drinking and eating out or went half with a friend then it would cost you even less.

 To Embarrassed: When you work out at home it’s just you and the personal trainer on the TV. So no one will be judging you this means you can focus on working out hard to hit your goals.

  To Far Away: Learn to work out at home and you will never need a gym membership or to use distance as an excuse again.

2. 78% eat Breakfast Everyday
Eating breakfast is one of the most imports t things you can do for your body and mind. Your goal should be to :

  • Eat like a King in the morning
  • Eat like a Prince at lunch
  • Eat like a pauper for dinner

Breakfast fuels your body for the day and if you prepare your own breakfast at home you can control what you are actually eating.

3. 75% Weigh Themselves at Least Once a Week
Weighing yourself is very important if you are looking to stay a certain weight or lose weight. If you don’t weigh yourself you have zero data on how much progress you are making.

4. 63% Watch Less than 10 hours of TV a week
This is a tricky one because some weekends all I like to do is catch up on my shows and I can spend serious time in front of the tube. However, I utilize this time by stretching and exercising between commercials.  I do 30 reps of various exercises during the commercials which warms up my muscles then stretch during the show to help increase my flexibility. This is a fantastic combination.

5. 54% Burn more than 2,000 calories a week through exercise
You have to exercise if you want to keep the weight off and stay in shape. Exercising burns fat and keeps the mind strong. If you don’t know what to do either invest in a personal trainer who can teach you or sign up to a fitness program.

6. 40% Exercise With a friend
This is one of the oldest tricks in the book if you are looking for real results. Sometimes you need someone else’s Will Power to stay on path and having a friend who is working toward the same goal as you is very helpful. This is why office weight loss challenges are very effective. My fiancé and I always exercise together and we even train Karate together. Accountability is key and having a workout buddy can get you the results you want.

Work hard