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Shaq’s Shoe Size is 23

Shaq’s Shoe Size is 23 I know useless information but since tomorrow is Friday Dec 21st, 2012 (Note: I wrote this post on my other blog but since it will make you smile I decided to repost it here) and the world is suppose to end, I decided to revive a funny post so we can all die laughing. The story goes like this I was waiting at (my old job ) the PHILO HQ for a few pairs of Shaq’s sneakers to arrive and when they did, boy was I surprised to see how big they really were. Holding them in my hands was an unreal experience because all I could think was that our favorite big man was really a giant. Shaq wears a size 23 sneaker, but that does not mean anything until you see his sneaker next to everyday objects. So I decided to take a few pictures of Shaq’s sneaker next to things in the PHILO work space just to blow your mind. At the end I will also teach you some new slang and usage for the term “Shaq’s Shoe”

Shaq’s Sneaker vs. the World


Shaq Shoe vs My Mac Book Pro


Shaq Sneaker vs My Mac Book Pro 2


Shaq Sneaker vs My Mac Book Pro 3


Shaq’s Sneaker vs The Coffee Maker


Shaq’s Sneaker vs My Head


Shaq’s Sneaker vs The Width of A Man’s Body


Shaq’s Sneaker vs The Width of A Woman’s Body (Amanda)


Shaq’s Sneaker vs My Forearm


Shaq’s Sneaker vs Desktop Tower


Shaq’s Sneaker vs Fire Extinguisher


Shaq’s Sneaker vs Fruit Loops Box


Shaq’s Sneaker vs Microwave And Toaster


Shaq’s Sneaker vs My Sneaker (Size 10)


Shaq’s Sneaker vs My Sneaker 2 (Size 10)


Shaq’s Sneaker vs Xbox 360


Shaq’s Sneaker vs 3 Xbox 360 Controllers


Shaq’s Sneaker vs Exit Sign



I’ve found that blogging is a great way to learn new things. While writing this post I learned from Urban Dictionary that there is another use for the term “Shaq’s Shoe”. It also can mean: A dump that is so big it breaches the top of the water in the bowl. Here it is in a sentence, “Whew, that was a tough one. I just dropped Shaq’s Shoe and I feel ten pounds lighter.” Now I don’t know how they figured this one out but I have the proof. If this made you laugh or smile please make sure you send some one an anonymous email of love and inspiration using our Social Sustainability widget to make their day.