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“Give back on the way up instead of the way down.” -Aristotle Torres, CEO B.A.M


 aristotle laval

There is a lot I can say about Aristotle Torres
and his By Any Means artist collective. They embody the idea    of getting things done the right way, by any means. That means they don’t believe in excuses and get things done with very little resources and against all odds. I’ve worked on many projects with them and am proud to support their By Any Meals cause. Aristotle earned his way to being one of the top video directors of our generation, directing videos for Naz, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross and even helping launch J.Cole’s career.  Aristotle is ahead of his time and his By Any Meals food drive is a testament to that. He believes in “Giving back on the way up instead of the way down.”and that is a sentiment that we at hold dear to our hearts. The truth is tomorrow is not promised and if you wait until you are “rich” to give back, you have missed out on the opportunity to help change the lives of someone less fortunate than yourself. We believe that helping others is the highest honor in life and have donated over $1,000 to the causes we believe in even though made less than $10 in the last 6 months. It is only through your actions that you can tell where your heart is. We have Adopted a House  that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, Helped build a Playground for a Special Needs School in Guyana, created a Social Sustainability Widget that allows people to spread anonymous love via email, and now have donated to the By Any Meals cause to help feed hungry New Yorkers in all 5 boroughs. We ask you to support #ByAnyMeals and donate a little bit today. Remember:

“A little goes a long way, so go a long way to at least give a little.”