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Black, White and Grey, Crime Statistics in America

The topic of crime statistics whether they be Black on White crime statistics, White on Black Crime Statistics or any stat on crime in America has been a hot topic lately. We are aiming to state the facts and more importantly help you think about why crime happens and what positive things we can do [...]

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Help Fill the Internet with love

UPDATE: 2.5.17 Fill the Internet with Love Campaign Posts: These are the posts we have started to publish to combat the hate that is on the internet. Please share and link to this page and those posts so we can Fill the Internet with Love and out rank the hate groups on Google. Black and [...]

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By Any Meals, 5 Borough Food Drive

“Give back on the way up instead of the way down.” -Aristotle Torres, CEO B.A.M     There is a lot I can say about Aristotle Torres and his By Any Means artist collective. They embody the idea    of getting things done the right way, by any means. That means they don’t believe in excuses [...]

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