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Greetings! I’m excited to begin this new column with my good friends at I’m an Electronic Musician and Visual Artist based in Brooklyn, NY. In addition to these crafts I enjoy being creative in several other aspects in my life. My days are spent searching for new inspiration and new expressions of my art and music. A great deal of my time is also devoted to preparing food. While music and art are my first loves I am equally committed to making vegan food that I enjoy.

I’ve been vegan for a little over a decade and overall I’ve been preparing meals since I was about 9 or 10 years old. What started as a simple scrambled egg dishes gave way to more complex dishes and the occasional baked cake or pie. My journey into a vegan diet was the result of several factors mostly stemming from dealing with a series of personal health issues that began to surface in my late teens. Since then, I’ve gradually developed sensibilities enabling me to be creative and practical in making food that is nutritious and palatable.

Many of us have fond memories of a beloved family member or friend preparing foods without the use of any measuring tools. As a child I never understood how these folks worked their kitchen magic. It started to all make sense to me a few years ago; It’s about getting into the zone. I’m not referring to “The Zone Diet”; I’m talking about that headspace an individual is in when practice, repetition, and rhythm heighten one’s intuitive senses in a given area.

How does one get into the “zone” with food with that is healthy that omits the meat and dairy that most people love and crave? When we develop an understanding of the characteristics of individual ingredients we in turn unlock the power to prepare meals with creative flare.

Korby’s Kitchen is more about empowering you to developing a personal relationship with your foods and less about following my recipes verbatim.

Korbys Kitchen