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How to get a six pack is the question that most people ask me. Why is this? Well to be honest people want to learn how to get a six pack so that they can look good, feel confident and be attractive to the opposite sex. There is nothing wrong with this because it is just human nature. Who doesn’t want to get ripped and have six or even eight pack of abs so that they can be proud of. It is a good goal to have and a very good accomplishment when you achieve it. Below is everything you will need to know in order to get a six pack. The important thing before you start out on this quest is to not trying to take short unhealthy short cuts that can damage you. Also remember that a six pack of abs does not define who you are as a person. They will come and they will eventually go what is important is enjoying the healthy journey toward this accomplishment, achieving it and then helping others to do the same. But before we begin here is some more truth for you to digest.

Hard Work and Genetics

Some of us are more genetically inclined to be define and have ripped muscles. This means some people can eat anything while you are a certain age and still have a six pack and definition in their muscles. Others will kill themselves in the gym and find it damn near impossible to get a six pack. Let’s look at MMA champion Fedor Emelianenko who at one point was undefeated for almost a century. This man trains hard and is one of the most talented fighters the world has ever seen. But no matter how hard he trains unless is diet is strict he will never get a six pack. The picture below is after his training camp and is ready to fight, the other is of him after he crushed his opponent.six pack fedorFedor


This is of Fedor training.

This is just the way it is and you are going to have to except it if you are the latter type. This means that you have to be extra focused when it comes to eating and work hard for your results. However, hard work always pays off and it will be worth it in the end.


The one thing that both types have to understand is that hard work when you work out is the only way you are going to develop and keep your six pack for the long haul. As you age it will become increasingly difficult to get and maintain a six pack unless you build solid work ethic when you work out. You also have to have a consistent training program that will help you toward your goal of getting a six pack

How to Get a Six Pack: The Philosophy

As with anything you get what you put in. If you really want to know hi to get a six pack then you would heed these words from Arnold Schwarzenegger,” The last two reps are where champions are made.” That means that you have to so contract your abs and push past the burn until the very last repetition. If you are willing to push it with intensity to the last rep then you have what it takes to have a champions six pack.

How to get a Six Pack: The Two Parts

Factor 1: Your Work Out Program
If you want to learn how to get a six pack then as I stated below you are going to have to get on a fitness program that will help you accomplish this goal. That program should be split into three days of work for the week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a different set of exercise each day to keep your muscles confused. Then this routine should be done for 4 weeks before you change it here is an example split.

Long Lever decline sit ups. 3 x 20
Leg lifts 3×20
Bicycles – 3×20
V ups 3×10
Body Drags 3×20

Planks (front and sides) 1min each x 3
Straight leg crunches 3×20
Side V ups 3×20
Oblique Crunches 3×20

Russian twists. 3×20
Super Mans (lower back) 3×20
Butter Fly X 3×20
Oblique leg raises 3×20

Decrease number of reps if it’s to difficult. Max effort, push it to the limit!

Part Two: The Diet

how to get a six pack

That’s right if you want to have a six pack you will have to diet. There is a big miss conception when people hear the word diet. Dieting does not mean that the food has to taste terrible. There is nothing terrible about a lean steak and a side of string beans. Right? In Greek diet means way of life. That means if you make eating healthier a lifestyle then there you will easily loose weight, get fit and get a six pack. If you just jump on a diet for a certain period of time, you are guaranteed to relapse and back slide into gorging yourself on fast food and processed garbage that will make you sick and fat over time. I wrote a post talking about how to lose weight and letting you know the major faults of dieting. You should consider this because you are looking for a lifestyle change that changes your eating habits not just a quick fix diet that is going to make you crash later.

The Lean Life Diet Outline

how to get a six pack of abs

The Lean Life Diet is designed to teach you how to get a six pack by eating right for life. You can use the foundation below to get as lean as you like and of course vary it to your level of commitment to getting a six pack.

Lean Life Diet:
– No Sugar ( only natural sugar from fruits)
– Water no juice
– Good carbs for function ( eat brown rice, wheat bread and other grains
when you need them for energy)
– No Alcohol ( at least for 30 days. Alcohol leads to bad eating choices and
breaks down into sugar)
– Lean Proteins (chicken breast, lean beef etc)
– Vegetables ( raw, steamed or stir fry)
– Legumes (Black beans, chicle peas etc)

If you use that as the basis for your diet you will have a six pack in no time. I hope this guide helps you in answering the question, how do I get a six pack. If you have any more questions feel free to contact me or leave your question in the comments below.