Sustainability What a word. It seems like it is every where now a days. Companies in every industry are trying to be more sustainable and go Green. Some truly care and others are just trying to get you to buy their products. None of this really matters because people are the only real sustainable products of change. No matter how sustainable your companies policies and products are, they are meaningless if your people are not sustainable.

Sustainability Starts with Self

Sustainability means the ability to endure. This means we create products that enrich our environment and does not destroy it so that we can live on this planet longer. People are truly the only real products that matter. People are products of change, so if you create sustainable people they will naturally only create sustainable products. Sustainability is the ability to do with out. If you can do with out then there is no Greed and no Jealously. There is no looking at what the other person has and doing whatever it takes, including destroying yourself, your planet and your competition to get that and more. Sustainability starts with the daily practice of self reflection. Your amazing chair that can decompose means nothing if you would not give up your seat on the train for someone who needs it more. Your buy one shoe give another to a child in need program means nothing if you won’t go out of your way to help a stranger.Sustainability is really an internal practice that manifests in your daily interaction with everything around you. It naturally creates symbiotic relationships and creates humans that make profound changes in the lives of everyone they meet and in the world as a whole.

We made our Social Sustainability widget embeddable so that you can add it to your blog or website and allow your website visitors to spread love, hope and inspiration via anonymous email. The widget:

  • Tracks how much love is sent from your site
  • The total love sent from all widgets
  • Shows a map of love being sent around the world
  • Ranks your site amongst other sites with the widget.

This allows you to proudly show the world and new visitors that your web community cares and wants to make a difference in the world. So embed the widget today. When you click the embed button below MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE THE SITE URL before you copy the code and paste it on your site. If you don’t change the URL to your site it will not track emails from your site. was created to help you in your daily practice of becoming more sustainable and to help you be a product of change. It empowers you to send a message of inspiration via email to someone you know needs it, with out the reward of recognition. Anonymity empowers the receiver because they know someone out their cares, the guessing who cares is very therapeutic and you empower them to send an email to someone else in return. Anonymity empowers you because you learn to live with out the reward of recognition. You sent the message because your care about the person’s well being, not because you want a pat on the back for doing a good deed.


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