Are Blonds Dumb?

Even in 2023, many people still make jokes that pose the question, “Are blonds dumb?” It may seem harmless to joke about someone’s hair color or insinuate it’s linked to intelligence. Yet, even a little joking about something like that leads to long-term effects like reduced career opportunities, dating preconceptions, and general injustice. Mocking someone for something they can’t control, like their hair color, comes from the same kind of prejudice that leads to more serious issues like racism. Treating blondes with respect may not seem quite that serious, but it’s a good start to treating people more fairly in general.

Scientific Proof of Equal Intelligence

While the concept of blondes being dumber than people with other hair colors has long been a myth or a joke, recent scientific studies have focused on dispelling the story. Unsurprisingly, they all found that people born with blonde hair had IQ or intelligence measurements within a few points of people with brunette or red hair. In fact, at least one study found that blonde women, in general, tended to have a higher chance of a particularly high IQ than their counterparts with other hair colors. It’s simply untrue that blondes are less intelligent than other people due to natural hair color variation.

The Impact of Blond Jokes

You might think that ribbing your friend about their hair color has little impact on society as a whole. It’s surprising what a little mocking can add up to when it becomes an accepted part of social interactions. Some studies have noted that blondes often suffer from lower hiring and starting pay rates than people with darker hair colors. Famous women like Marilyn Monroe were known for being stereotyped and typecast into certain roles because of their hair color. While some stereotypes related to blondes may seem positive, such as the idea that they have more fun, it’s still a broad generalization that makes it harder to get to know an individual.

The Many Types of Blondes

Blonde, or blond in the masculine form, is a broad term covering many lighter hair colors. The lightest can be a nearly white color known as platinum, while many people with sandy or golden blonde colors come close to the edge of being brunette. If someone has a reddish tint to their lighter hair, they’re often known as a strawberry blonde. With so many different distinct hair colors found within the category of blonde, it’s no wonder you can’t make sweeping statements about intelligence or any other personality features based on it alone.

Hair Dye and Intelligence

Of course, many people who are blonde and have developed a reputation for being silly, ditzy, or air-headed aren’t natural blondes at all. It’s hard to determine if a person is using dye or growing their own color, which has led to many wrong assumptions that hair color and intelligence go together. The fact that many actresses and actors may put on an air of light-hearted behavior for a role doesn’t help with this situation. There’s no proof that dyeing one’s hair blonde affects intelligence either, so it lends little credence to the punchline of these common jokes.

Social Expectations and Acceptance

Blonde jokes are often based on social expectations placed specifically on women. The blonde in the joke might make an obvious mistake or invite ridicule by asking a silly question. Avoiding this kind of humor can help encourage more reflection and acceptance of behaviors that aren’t as worthy of ridicule as they might seem. By breaking down degrading humor and focusing on jokes that don’t single out groups of people, it’s easier to build acceptance and develop a more caring environment.

Going Beyond Asking “Are Blonds Dumb?”

The next time you want to tell a joke to a group of friends at a party, consider the message you’re sending. You might think that blonde jokes are harmless, but you never know who’s listening and what they might take from the laughter that follows.

Embrace your blonde hair if it’s part of your natural beauty, and don’t let stereotypes hold you back. There’s no need to let the everyday experiences of forgetting little things or making mistakes lead you into thinking your hair color is somehow holding you back.

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