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In this video Bono the lead singer of U2 gives us some great solutions to poverty. Factivists is an interesting term used by Bono and the people of the to describe people who use facts and data to help solve social problems. The current problem Bono and his factivists are solving is and create action and solutions for is poverty. In this TEDTalk Bono explains how data shows that extreme poverty can be eliminated by 2030 if certain actions are taken now. These solutions to poverty are very important because the data show that if we act quickly we could end poverty but if we take time to act then it will take a much longer time for poverty to be eliminated.


1. Solutions to Poverty, End Corruption

“Corruption is the worst disease in the world”

Corruption is one of the things plaguing countries that have a high level of poverty. To be frank corruption plaques every country and as the video points out is a disease that needs to be treated.

2. Solutions to Poverty, Promote Transparency

“We will win because we have no hidden agenda.”

One of the other very powerful ideas from the video which is offered as a solution to poverty and corruption is the power of transparency. Corruption can only be stopped if organizations and governments are transparent with how AID resources are being utilized. Bono says that since they are coming from the heart and have to agenda but to end  poverty and bring equality to all.

Solutions to poverty

No matter how you feel about Bono or rock stars you have to appreciate a person who is willing to do something to help promote social justice for all. Like one person in the comments section says,”..Bono could be in his mansion doing NOTHING but he is not.”