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The Art of Fitness can be seen not in the results of a lean chiseled body, but in the time it took you to prepare for your lifts, the care that it took to plan your program, the discipline you use to stay on your diet, the passion you but into every rep and the pride you get when you accomplish your goals. Fitness is art and art is fitness to try and separate them is doing yourself a disservice. Here is a challenge for the next 30 days pretend that you are Pablo Picasso and your goals are the canvas. I say goals because some people are not looking to lose weight. Some people already have a six pack but they can’t close a Captain of Crush griper, some people want to be more flexible or some people want learn how to fight or do a hand stand. All of this lies with in your fitness goals and if you think and plan to accomplish these goals like an artist you will see drastic results.

Assess Your Fitness Goals with Artist Michelangelo’s Eyes


The art of fitness can be invoked if you assess your goals as if you were Michelangelo.  When Michelangelo took the slab of marble he used to create David, he did not see a slab of rock. He saw the potential of what was inside, he saw David’s body and set a plan for uncovering it.

1. Perpetration is Everything
Any great artist has to prep in order for them to be able to create amazing works of art. The same thing goes for accomplishing goals to develop you body, mind and spirit. In order to unlock the art of fitness you have to:
2. Write down you goals
As soon as you write your goal down you have brought it into this world and you are more likely to accomplish it. Imagine an architect who did not have a blue print. The Wright Brothers would not have been able to fly with out a plan.

Wright Brothers Plane Blue Prints

3. Layout a schedule for working toward your goals
A goal with out a plan is a wish. Wishing only takes you places in the fairy tales. You have to plan and prepare for your success.

4. Use tools to help you accomplish your goals
Tools are everything to an artist. Imagine Salvador Dali with out his paint brush. Gym programs and proper nutrition is key to your fitness success.

5. Work on Your Fitness Goals With Vincent Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo’s Passion
Vincent Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo are two of the most passionate artists ever. Van Gogh cut off his own ear and Frida created from a place filled with pain because he was crippled. There passion for their art kept them going and there is nothing you can not accomplished if you tapped into their level of passion.

Use The Art of Fitness to Succeed

The Art of Fitness if perused can help you accomplish any fitness goal. Just follow the steps above and you are half way there. After than you just have to do it! Hope this helps you reach your goals. Remember to send someone an email of hope today.