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I was born in the world of gymnastics, dance and performance and have always been connected to my body physically and emotionally. I studied a 200 hour course of Vinyasa Yoga at the New York based “Three Sisters Yoga School”and recently graduated under the guidance of Jen Whinnen Vinyasa Style. I am now a certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacherand Hatha Dinamic by Yoga Alliance. I am a certified Yoga instructor, actress and much more. I enjoy teaching Yoga and provide a fun atmosphere for my students to grow and learn. Visit my website

My Yoga Love Story

After finishing school I started acting in theater performing various works primarily in Spain. I continued my way working on TV shows and independent films in Spain where I kept working nonstop in the film  industry which excited me and made me full of energy. I learned my first “Sun salutation” in the drama school where i studied and trained as an actress and then continued the studies at the University of Cinema. I come from the world of sport and decided to try yoga one day just for fun. I started with Kundalini pranayamas and different techniques of breathing and relaxation and while I was a little curious about trying more kinds of Yoga especially the more dynamic and physical styles, I decided to experiment then  with Vinyasa and Asthanga Yoga.

I went to my first Yoga class in Vinyasa Style times when I was in the University of Cinema  and immediately fell in love with the practice. It was one evening in May where I remember that I had never sweated so much in my life. I was so awake! So alive! Vibrated! That got me hooked! I feel in love with the practice. At first I thought it was important to get to do all the postures or Asanas but then I realized a greater appreciation not only for the flow movements sequences (wich seemed a Choreography…) But also the philosophy and Spirituality that is so ingrained in the practice of Yoga. This exploration of body, mind and spirit seemed a divine gift and I decided to practice in my daily life along with my other passion. ACTING.

Going to castings, prepare characters, create new roles, auditions, studying, meetings work long hours on a set filming, preparing the voice, the body …etc…. I needed an “extra-balance” that gradually Yoga began to give me.  So I decided to purpose both these passions  in my life and become a professional in both of them. I love being an actress and enjoy to teaching Yoga everyday more and more.

Yoga has helped my acting career immensely. I used to be very nervous when I went to casting and auditions for big projects and I then I learned to apply my knowledge of breathing and various breathing techniques I learned from Yoga and it helped me control my nervousness.

I think as an actor you have to be an athlete emotionally and physically. Yoga offers a way to develop and open your physical and emotional centers. Tension and stress can sometimes create emotional blocks and stifle artistic impulses. Yoga and meditation helps to release them.

Personally I think that Yoga is gaining respect in both artistic fields such as theater, film , TV , advertising, due to its unique ability to cleanse the mind of an actress (in my case) as you prepare your body for the experience of the work or the new character.

Yoga can be specially beneficial for Actors,Singers, Dancers, Journalists, Models…etc. Because it helps them access “The Zone” which is that particular state of consciousness where creativity can flourish unhindered. Acting honestly is my first passion in my life and i have a very long way to go and the novelty of each new project is always a challenging and refreshing.  Yoga is my other self. (Like Geminis that I am ). My other Passion. I am someone who would like to work with your body and with people in a closer ways. I believe in health and wellness and they are part of my philosophy of life. Stay tuned for my Yoga blog series right here at

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