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Spread Love It’s the Brooklyn Way is a quote from Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace. If you stop any true Brooklynite or Biggie Smalls fan and just say, “Spread Love It’s…” they will finish “..The Brooklyn Way.” This quote has been treasured and picked up as a slogan by the people of my beloved melting pot of a borough. Brooklyn is one of the most segregated places in the world, but the Jewish neighborhoods, blend to the Hispanic neighborhood  and into the Chinese neighborhood  etc; creating a Brooklyn stew that is exquisitely delicious. Some of the greatest artists and a ton of famous people came out of Brooklyn. Here is a list I won’t even try and name them all.

Wrist Bands, Spread Love Its the Brooklyn Way


We created  these awesome Spread Love It’s the Brooklyn Way wrist bands as a tribute to Biggie, Brooklyn and Spreading Love. I grew up, got stabbed and decided to chose love over hate, and founded in Brooklyn (Read my story here). So it is fitting that this would be our first product of change. Now you can wear this sentiment proudly on your wrist and share it with others. 20% of all monthly sales go to a different charityBuy Now

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