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Some dance inspiration hit me the other day from all directions. This  Six Year old BGIRL named Terra got skills.  I use to BBOY so I received this video from numerous source on Facebook and even the company inbox. [Thanks everyone who sent me this video.] If you think BGIRL Terra is amazing check out this Little Girl Do Karate Kata. If this inspires you like it did me, I will see you soon at Brooklyn Beast  where i’ll be working on my flares.

Just two of the three tags I got on Facebook Alone


Dance Inspiration


To be honest I stopped watching BBOY battles and videos a long time ago. Once you are apart of the scene like I was apart of the scene you get jaded by all the garbage that is out there. I must confess that me “Mr.SpreadLove” started watching this video with my Hatershades on.

Babies and Breaking
Usually when ever I watch a young kid breaking I know what I’m going to see. I’m going to see a little kid flopping around and people cheering because the baby looks so cute doing his break dance moves. Then I get bored and annoyed because bboying isn’t a fad, gimmick, party trick or a joke to me. I spent hours training to hone my skills and have been flown to different states and countries because of it. I gained enormous self-confidence because the dance gave me a pure  way to express myself.  So when i watched this video i was expecting to see the usual overhyped crap but boy was I mistaken because my Hatershades melted into Groupie Goggles after the first round.

My Analysis

You don’t need my take on what made the video good but since a have first hand experience with the dance I will share it.

Dance is Music
-The girl can actually dance and find the best most bboys (including myself at one point) forgot that I was suppose to be dancing and would just go from one move to the next oblivious to the music I was suppose to be dancing two.

 Dance is Confidence
– BBoying is all about confidence and attitude. I lost my fear of public speaking because I was always used to being in the center of a dance circle. This Bgirl has the attitude down packed. She ripped the kid in the first round because she backed him off the dance floor basically saying,” It ain’t over you’re gonna get this work!”

Dance is Difficult
-I love power moves and the difficulty level on some of the bgirl Terra’s moves was impressive. She flared. Flaring is incredibly difficult especially for bgirls because there weight is in there hips and gravity pulls your hips to the floor during the movement. So in order to flare you need to get your hips very high as you move your hands quickly.

Most of the videos that were shared with me was of one clip of Bgirl Terra getting down. So I decided to find that video and some highlights of here other rounds as well. This way even if you saw the first video you get some extra dance inspiration for your day.