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The Twitter Love Series is our Weekly series where we give back to those who thank us for spreading love there way. We send hope and inspiration daily to people who use the hashtags #spreadlove and #help. In this way we spread love to those who are spreading it, encouraging them to continue making a difference in the world and we give advice to those who are asking for help. This way we use social media to make the world a better place. We believe in social sustainability and think that sustainability starts with self. So if people are not loved and inspired then they will never care for the earth.

Read my story and find out why I chose love over hate and how getting stabbed helped me found


People on Twitter Who Spread Love and Are Thankful

1. Follow @MissJudnina, she is blogging some awesome yoga posts for us, Check out her website,


2. Follow @samanthasimon13, a smile goes a long way =]


3. Follow @Jambyjuice & @msattachee, it pays to keep passion on =] check out ms.attachee’s blog,


4. Follow @RochelleForrest, she is an amazing holistic health coach, check out her website


5. Follow @Pavitrasundar, thanks for sharing our Ghandi’s 6 quotes to live by =]