Frida Kahlo Paintings, 50 Best Artworks

“Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?” – Frida Kahlo. Frida Kahlo paintings are beautiful and Frida is one of my favorite painters. She is a Mexican surrealist painter whose paintings reflect the pain and struggles of her life. As a strong woman Frida was known to freely expresses [...]

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The Art of Fitness

The Art of Fitness can be seen not in the results of a lean chiseled body, but in the time it took you to prepare for your lifts, the care that it took to plan your program, the discipline you use to stay on your diet, the passion you but into every rep and the pride you [...]

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We Won The Shorty Award for Sustainability

We won the Shorty Awards in the Community Category of Sustainability. The Shorty Awards is an annual award that honors the best companies, people and brands using Social Media in various categories. Thanks you so much for everyone who voted for us. You have helped us accomplish a major goal in winning an award that [...]

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Kelp and Baby Arugula Recipe

Kelp and Baby Arugula Noodle Salad Kelp and baby Arugula are very tasty and when I say, “Under the Sea!” I’m not referring to the Little Mermaid. Instead that’s the answer to where some of the best vegetables on the planet are found. Sea vegetables are great to incorporate into your food regimen. Dulse, arame, wakame, [...]

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Functional Fitness, Exercise for Everyday Life

Functional Fitness Functional Fitness is what fitness should be about. When I was personal training at Equinox on Wall st in New York City many of my clients were wealthy in material things but were well below the poverty level in terms of their health. They took cabs every where but could not walk a [...]

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Vincent van Gogh Paintings, 50 Best Art Works

Vincent van Gogh, Self-portrait with Straw Hat   Vincent van Gogh paintings are extraordinary. I write about a lot of artists because art touches the soul and inspires people to yearn to be better. Art expands your mind taking you to places and perspectives you would never dream of. is all about teach you [...]

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Wrist Bands, Spread Love Its the Brooklyn Way

Spread Love It’s the Brooklyn Way is a quote from Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace. If you stop any true Brooklynite or Biggie Smalls fan and just say, “Spread Love It’s…” they will finish “..The Brooklyn Way.” This quote has been treasured and picked up as a slogan by the people of my beloved melting pot [...]

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Dance Inspiration, BGIRL Terra

Some dance inspiration hit me the other day from all directions. This  Six Year old BGIRL named Terra got skills.  I use to BBOY so I received this video from numerous source on Facebook and even the company inbox. [Thanks everyone who sent me this video.] If you think BGIRL Terra is amazing check out [...]

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Cinnamon Banana Protein Shake Recipe

It’s a common misnomer that healthy foods are void of satisfying flavor and the sturdiness to tame a roaring appetite. I used to believe this was true. Unfortunately many people’s introduction to “heath foods” is something terribly bland and uninspiring. These negative experiences help support the idea that nutritious food is boring. Throughout the course [...]

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Twitter Love Series, Week Four

The Twitter Love Series is our Weekly series where we give back to those who thank us for spreading love there way. We send hope and inspiration daily to people who use the hashtags #spreadlove and #help. In this way we spread love to those who are spreading it, encouraging them to continue making a [...]

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